Sydney Workers Compensation Lawyer

personal injury lawMany workers in Sydney work in risky or even dangerous conditions. Even workplaces like construction sites see regular workplace accidents which aim or even kill workers. Employers are expected by both federal and state law to provide working environments that do not put workers at risk. This includes using safety gear and clothing where appropriate and providing suitable training so that risks are lowered.

If you do suffer an accident while at work and you are injured you should receive compensation from your employer as part of worker’s compensation. This is provided by the employer’s insurance company assuming that the employer is complying with the law by maintaining worker’s compensation insurance. In Sydney, over 21,000 employers maintain a state funded arrangement with the Worker’s Safety Insurance program.

Worker’s Safety Insurance Program in Sydney

The Worker’s Safety Insurance program is a no-fault insurance package. This means that you do not have to prove that as a worker you were not to blame for an accident while injured at your workplace. You should be covered by your employer’s insurance policy.

If you are injured while at work, however the injury takes place, your first priority is to get treatment. It may be that your employer has a designated medical facility which provides treatment to employees of that company or agency.

lawyerYou are expected to report your injury within seven days of the incident happening. If you are not able to do this yourself because your injuries are severe, then you may be able to get a family member of a supervisor or other work colleague to complete the necessary documentation. A Sydney worker’s compensation lawyer can help you with the documentation of your injury and be available to discuss the worker’s compensation process. Normally, a claim with Workplace Safety & Insurance should be made within 1 year of the date of the injury. The compensation is limited to economic losses, more specifically medical bills and loss of wages as a result of the injury.

It is important to keep all records which document the injury you sustained and what sort of treatment you received. It is particularly important to keep invoices and records of costs that you have had to bear because of the work related injury.

Sydney Workers Compensation Lawyers Are There To Help

Compensation claims for injuries at workplaces are not always easy or may not lead to a satisfactory payment. If you think that a settlement is unfair or unjustified, it may be advisable to seek help from an experienced Sydney worker’s compensation lawyer who has had proven experience dealing with workplace accidents and injuries across the state.